Catch All Tray Skull

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Catch all tray in the shape of a Skull. Carved in Maple. Dimensions : 8″ x 6″

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In the eerie glow of candlelight, a bone-chilling delight awaits as the family encounters a spine-tingling CNC-carved catch-all tray, crafted in the form of a grinning skull from maple wood. With its intricate carvings and a wicked sense of humor, this macabre masterpiece playfully beckons the family to unleash their inner mischief and fill its hollowed eyes and toothy grin with trinkets and curiosities. As it sits upon the table, casting haunting shadows, it becomes a ghoulish companion, reminding them to embrace the spooky side of life and find joy in the unexpected. With each passing day, this skull-shaped catch-all tray becomes a wickedly charming centerpiece, inviting laughter and ghostly tales, as the family jests about whose keys mysteriously disappear or whose secret treasures have been claimed by mischievous spirits. As they gather around, the spirit of playfulness and wicked humor fills the air, turning the ordinary into a delightfully chilling adventure, making memories that will be shared for generations to come.


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