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Cross Jesus Our Savior — Pine

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Wood carving in Pine. Dimensions: 11″ x 16″

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In a profound display of divine compassion and salvation, behold the CNC-carved cross, meticulously crafted from the noble embrace of pine and adorned with the timeless hues of stained oak, as it unveils the captivating scene of Jesus extending His saving hand to rescue a sinner from certain death within a well, its waters rising relentlessly. With the arm of God supporting Him, this sacred masterpiece encapsulates the transformative power of Christ’s love, symbolizing His unwavering determination to deliver those trapped in the depths of sin. As the oak-colored stain envelops this sacred image, the essence of the cross resonates with the grace of divine forgiveness, offering solace and hope to all who gaze upon it. Let this exquisite creation, this sanctified cross with Jesus rescuing a sinner under the guiding arm of God, stand as a testament to the boundless depths of God’s love and His unwavering commitment to salvation. It calls us to recognize our own vulnerabilities and surrender to the outstretched hand of Jesus, finding refuge in the life-giving waters of His mercy. May this sacred cross serve as a beacon of hope, guiding sinners toward the eternal embrace of God’s redemptive love, reminding us that through the sacrificial act of Jesus on the cross, salvation is offered to all who seek it.


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