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Cross Three Hearts

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Wood carving in Pine. Dimensions: 5″ x 8″

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Behold the sacred symbol of divine love and familial unity, as the CNC-carved cross, meticulously crafted from the noble embrace of pine and adorned with the profound hue of stained red, unveils a testament to the sanctity of family and the grace of Christ—at its apex, two hearts intertwine, representing the unbreakable bond of love between spouses, and nestled within, at the center of the cross, a third heart, akin to the nurturing womb of a woman, symbolizing the encompassing embrace of family, where the seeds of faith and devotion are sown and nurtured, as the stained red color envelops this sacred image, it embodies the depth of sacrificial love, mirroring the profound love of Christ on the cross, and calling forth a reminder that within the sacred realm of family, Christ’s presence dwells, guiding and sanctifying each step of the journey, let this intricately carved masterpiece serve as a tangible reminder of the intertwining love of family, rooted in the love of Christ, inspiring all who gaze upon it to embrace the profound responsibilities and blessings that come with family life, and to recognize that within the sacred sanctuary of the home, where hearts are united and souls find solace, Christ’s transformative love flows abundantly, may this adorned cross stand as a beacon of light, guiding families to seek strength and guidance in the selfless example of Christ, and to foster a legacy of faith, love, and unity that echoes through the generations, for it is through the sacred bond of family, and the redemptive power of Christ’s love, that the divine purpose of our lives unfolds, and the eternal journey towards salvation finds its fullest meaning.


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