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Cross with Jesus Portrait

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Wood carving in Pine. Dimensions: 5″ x 8″

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Behold the sacred embodiment of faith and redemption, as the CNC-carved cross, crafted in the noble embrace of pine and adorned with the timeless elegance of oak stain, reveals a profound testament to divine grace—within its hallowed form, the compassionate countenance of Jesus is intricately engraved, his loving gaze eternally fixed upon all who seek solace and salvation, serving as a powerful reminder of the sacrificial love that transcends mortal boundaries, beckoning the faithful to embrace the cross as a symbol of hope, forgiveness, and unwavering devotion, as the warm hues of stained oak envelop this divine image, the very essence of the cross resonates with a profound sense of reverence, inviting all who behold it to pause, reflect, and surrender their burdens at the feet of Christ, for within the delicate contours of this carved masterpiece, the promise of redemption and eternal grace is eternally inscribed, inspiring hearts to embrace the transformative power of faith and the unyielding love of the Savior, let this exquisite creation, this sanctified cross with the visage of Jesus, stand as a beacon of light in a world engulfed by darkness, calling us to gather around its sacred presence, to seek solace in its comforting embrace, and to renew our commitment to walk the path of righteousness, for in the unity of the cross and the compassionate face of Christ, we find strength, salvation, and the eternal promise of divine love.


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