Sun Mandala

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Sun mandala wall art. Dimensions: 15″ diameter

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Embodying the radiant energy of love and the essence of vibrant health, the CNC-carved wall art presents a captivating sun mandala, its intricate design reminiscent of the seeds of a sunflower, spiraling outwards in a mesmerizing dance of life and vitality. As the sunflower turns its face towards the sun, drawing nourishment and warmth, this exquisite artwork reminds us to embrace the power of love and self-care as we navigate life’s journey. Just as the sunflower thrives in the sunlight, basking in its glow, this stunning wall art symbolizes our own capacity to flourish and bloom when we nurture our hearts and bodies with love and well-being. Let the presence of this sun mandala inspire us to radiate positivity, to embrace the healing power of self-love, and to sow seeds of joy and wellness in all that we do. May it serve as a gentle reminder that within the depths of our being, we possess an inner sun, ready to shine its light and illuminate the path towards a life filled with love, health, and boundless possibilities.


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