Tiki Bar Sign

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Tiki Bar sign. Dimensions: 20 ” x 10″

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From the fiery depths of ancient lore and untamed spirits arises a primal force—a CNC router wood carving of a Tiki mask that commands attention and ignites the primal instincts within. Every intricate detail, etched with unyielding precision, captures the essence of untamed power and ancestral wisdom. Within its fierce visage, the spirits of the wild roar to life, casting a hypnotic spell that enchants all who dare to gaze upon it. The flames of passion dance in its eyes, while the intricately carved lines symbolize a fearsome resilience that cannot be contained. This Tiki mask, born from the depths of craftsmanship, becomes a conduit to the untapped realms of primal energy—an invitation to embrace your own untamed nature, to awaken the dormant warrior within, and to unleash a torrent of unstoppable determination. Let the presence of this awe-inspiring creation remind you that deep within, the spirit of the untamed awaits, urging you to embrace your truest and fiercest self.


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