Catch All Tray Pumpkin

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Catch all tray in the shape of a Pumpkin. Carved in Cherry wood. Dimensions : 10″ x 8″

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Nestled in the heart of the family’s cherished memories, where laughter echoes and nostalgia lingers, rests a whimsical CNC-carved catch-all tray in cherry wood, fashioned in the playful form of a pumpkin. With its intricate carvings and warm hues, this delightful tray serves as a charming reminder of autumn days gone by, when little hands eagerly gathered colorful leaves and spooky tales filled the crisp air. As the family gathers around, reminiscing about pumpkin patches and mischievous costumes, the catch-all tray playfully holds their trinkets and treasures, preserving the spirit of those cherished moments. It invites laughter and jest, as the family affectionately teases one another about who was the best trick-or-treater or who managed to sneak the most candy. With each glance, this pumpkin-inspired masterpiece sparks a cascade of joyful memories, making the family’s hearts glow with a blend of sentimentality and humor, reminding them that even the simplest of objects can hold a wealth of stories and bring forth the warmest of smiles.


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